Postman Supernova

What is a Postman Supernova?

Supernovas are leaders who are passionate about APIs, testing, and building new things. Supernovas contribute in a variety of ways including organizing and running meetups, sharing their knowledge at workshops and at in-person and virtual events. Supernovas are not Postman employees but ambassadors who are a part of Postman's global community and help educate and empower others.

Can I Be a Postman Supernova?

If you enjoy learning and sharing your knowledge with other developers, then you should apply to be a Postman Supernova!

Postman Supernovas must:

Apply To Be a Supernova


What You'll Learn

What You'll Need

What You'll Build

Required Trainings

In order to be the best, most qualified Supernova that you can be, we require all Supernovas to complete 1 to 2 of the following trainings:

Completion of these training materials is vital to your success as a Postman Supernova! 😁

Public Workspace & Profile

Postman Public Workspace

Your Postman public workspace is the home for all of your work. Here you can share all of your other workspaces, links and important collections to give others in the community a chance to see your work.

New to public workspaces?
How to Set Up Your First Public Workspace in 5 Easy Steps blog post, documentation.

When to Create a Public Workspace

Public workspaces are a valuable tool to assist in making polished presentations. You can use a workspace for all of your talks and public work.

- If you're consistently speaking/publishing about mocks, you could have a specific public workspace for everything mocking related.
- When you find an API you're particularly excited about, make an API, or want a dedicated space for a project, those could be separate public workspaces.
- If you have a passion project or something topical.

Example Public Workspaces

Postman Public Workspace

Public Portfolio: Kevin organizes his contributions to the community such as videos, blogs, streams and other workspaces or collections as well as important links in a "master" workspace.

Content: Supernova Orest Danylewycz uses his public workspace to show how to use Postman in unique and interesting ways.

Postman Tips & Tricks: Supernova Praveen Mathew documents his answers when he helps others on the Postman Community form and Stack Overflow.

Peloton Data Playground: Postmanaut Carson Hunter created a way to access and visualize workout data from their Peloton bike.

LGBTQ+ Pride: Created by the Postman DevRel team to celebrate LGBTQ+ Pride month.

Postman Public Profile

Postman Public Profile

Your Postman Public profile is another great place to showcase your work.
Adding a proper profile picture, banner and your contact/social media links will help increase your exposure.
An informative and inviting public profile can help increase adoption of your APIs.

Types of Contributions

Before Your Contribution

Our definition of what makes a qualifying contribution is flexible. As long as the event or content is public, talks about Postman and/or APIs, has the goals of community building & education, then it counts.

Contributions can be in any language and in any timezones. An event or video does not have to be in English or in an American-friendly timezone. We value our global community and strongly encourage building local communities of your own!

Events are also not required to be exclusively in-person or virtual. Feel free to host any variations including hybrid events to your preferences.

We are here to support you as well. We're excited to meet the communities that you're involved with, and to support your growth in ours. We are happy to help promote your contribution on the official Postman social media channels as well as provide feedback and ideas for events/content contributions.

Types of Contributions

Speaking Contribution

Hosting/Organizing Contribution

Content Contribution

Submit Proposal

Submit Your Contribution Proposal

Before you can be invited to the program, you will need to complete your first qualifying contribution. Whether that be speaking at or hosting an event, writing a blog post/article or creating a video, you will need to submit your idea for approval.

This includes:
- Confirmation that you completed your training
- Links to your public profile and public workspace
- Abstract for your contribution including type, description, relevant links and proposed date if relevant.

After being approved we will share links to your event or content contribution on the Postman social media channels. We ask that you also make a post on the Postman community forums.

After Contributing

From this point on, you are now an official Postman Supernova!
Reach out via email to let us know so we can begin onboarding.
If your contribution was an event, please include links to images or recordings of your event.

We will send you official announcement graphics and post on the Postman social media channels to celebrate. You will also be awarded the Postman Supernova badge via email and invite you to our Slack channel where you can meet other Supernovas, promote your events, ask questions, request resources and message us directly.

We would like to thank you for your contribution and celebrate your Supernova achievement by sending you some free Postman Supernova swag.

Sustained Involvement

To remain in the program, we require regular event participation or content contributions, approximately one event (speaking/hosting) or two content contributions per-quarter.

You'll have lots of support from the Postman team. Whether you're experienced or brand new to public tech events, we're here. We are all expanding our networks and opportunities are opening up more frequently than ever.

We understand that things happen and sometimes you are too busy to make your contribution for the quarter. If however you miss two quarters in a row, this can result in your graduation from the program. Note that this is not a permanent thing, you may re-apply to join the program when you are able to dedicate more time again :)

After Contributing

Congratulations if you made it this far!
You stand tall among the few. By this point, you have completed your trainings, built your public workspace & public profile, completed your first contribution and have been invited to the Supernova program.

If you're ready to start your journey and become a Postman Supernova, apply today.

We take our Code of Conduct very seriously.

Postman Supernovas are leaders, and we all have a responsibility to uphold community values.